Black Bearded Saki

The Back Bearded Saki (Chiropotes satanas) is an arboreal primate monkey. It is a mammal.

The Back Bearded Saki has thick, black fur. It has a distinctive thick beard and a bushy black fox-like tail. It has some yellowish-brown markings around its back and shoulders. It has a dark nose and dark eyes. The male has a bulging forehead. 

Back Bearded Saki (male)

It grows to 33-38 centimetres (13-15 inches) tall.

It is endemic to the far eastern Amazon region in Brazil in South America.

It prefers to live in tropical forests. It is arboreal, living in trees, but it feeds on the ground. It is excellent at swinging from tree to tree, which is called brachiation. It is a leaper, because it can leap from tree to tree. 

The Black Bearded Saki is diurnal, active during the day. It sleeps in trees at night. 

It feeds on fruit, nuts, seeds, and insects. Its predators include eagles, jaguars, anacondas, and boa constrictors.

It is a social animal, forming groups of about 30 individuals.

The male and female form a monogamous pair for life. The female is pregnant for 20-21 weeks, before giving birth to one live young.

It lives, on average, for about 14-20 years. 

Back Bearded Saki
Back Bearded Saki (male)
Back Bearded Saki (male)
Back Bearded Saki (male)
Back Bearded Saki (male)

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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