Book Competition

Similar but Different in the Animal Kingdom



Entry is FREE.

WHO CAN ENTER: Anyone can enter to win a copy of SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. Anyone of any age, nationality, gender, and country can enter.

HOW: Write about an animal that fascinates you, and why (in less than 200 words). Tip: add its scientific name if you can, and write an interesting fact or two about your chosen animal. If you have a photograph of the animal or a photograph of your drawing of the animal, you can send it too (but the response will be judged only on  the written section).

ADD INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF: Underneath your written response, write your name (first name and last name), age, country, and email address.

NEXT STEP: In the subject of your email, write ANIMAL BOOK COMPETITION. Then email your response to Martina Nicolls at this email address:


If you have difficulty sending your response by email, you can post it to: Martina Nicolls, PO Box 16, NO 15975, Nobby Beach, Queensland 4218, AUSTRALIA

DEADLINE: This is an ongoing competition.

WINNERS: Selected winners (selected once a month or so) will be contacted by email. The winner will be asked for an address (postal address or residential address) and Martina will post a copy of the book, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, to that address.

SCHOOLS: Schools can enter using one email entry if they wish (i.e. all student responses in one email). A teacher’s name and contact details should be provided. Martina will choose a winning student entry (but not necessarily from each and every school entering the competition – only to a school that has an excellent student response). If a student from a school is selected as a winner, two (2) books will be sent to the school: one for the winning individual student, and one for the school library or resource centre or classroom.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Some of the winning responses will be included in this website (using first name and country only). No personal information about the winner will be posted on this website. If a winner gives Martina permission to use their email address, or contact details, so that people can contact the winner, she will write on the website: Contact details provided with permission. If a winner does not want their name and/or country posted, Martina will indicate that the entry is anonymous (i.e. unknown).