Horns of a Gaur

The Gaur (Bos gaurus) is a large bovine. It is a species of wild cattle and is also known as the Indian Bison.

Both the male (bull) and the female (cow) have horns.

The horns grow from the side of the Gaur’s head and curve upwards.

The horns are flat at the base and bend inwards and slightly backwards at the tips. 

The horns are pale green or pale yellow, with black tips.

The horns grow to 60-115 centimetres (24-45 inches) long. In comparison with other cattle, the horns are medium-sized.

The female Gaur has thinner and more upright horns than the male.  The female horns curve inwards more than the male horns. 

Young Gaurs have smooth, polished horns, whereas old Gaurs have rough, dented marks at the base of their horns.

Between the horns, there is a high ridge on the forehead. The male has a larger ridge than the female. 

[Location of photographs: Paris Jardin du Plantes Zoo, France]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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