Frog Eyes

A frog has bulging eyes.

A frog has three eyelid membranes. One is transparent (see through) to protect the eyes when the frog is underwater. The other two eyelid membranes vary from translucent (clear) to opaque (cloudy).

Its eyes are at the top of its head, and may be the only part of a submerged frog that is seen above the water. 

A frog’s iris can have a range of colours and its pupil can be a variety of shapes. 

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Flamingo Chick

The American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) is a large wetland wading bird with reddish-pink feathers, a large beak, long legs, and a curved S-shaped neck. 

The adult Flamingo measures 120-145 centimetres (47-57 inches) tall. 

The female lays one egg on the muddy ground and both parents look after it. The egg hatches after 28-32 days. 

The chick has greyish-white feathers, and does not gain its pink colour for 2-3 years. Both parents look after the chick for the first six years of its life.

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