Globe Skimmer Dragonfly

The Globe Skimmer Dragonfly (Pantala flavescens) is an insect in the Libellulidae family of dragonflies. It is also known as the Globe Wanderer or the Wandering Glider. 

The Globe Skimmer has a long, cylindrical body, two pairs of translucent wings, and a head with large eyes. The adult male has a reddish-yellow abdomen and the female has a yellow abdomen. It has a yellowish head. Its legs are black.

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CREATURE FEATURE: Seven-Spot Ladybird

The Seven-Spot Ladybird Beetle (Coccinella septempunctata) is a small insect in the Coccinellidae family of ladybird beetles and ladybugs. It is a coccinellid beetle. It is also known as the Seven-Spotted Lady Beetle, the Seven-Spotted Ladybug, or the Seven-Spot Ladybug Beetle.

The Seven-Spot Ladybird Beetle has red elytra (two wing cases) with three black spots each and another black spot on the junction of the wing cases (to total 7 spots). Its body is oval-shaped and slightly domed. Its wings are hidden underneath the wing cases. It has black compound eyes. Its antennae are light-brown, quite long, and slightly thickened at the ends. Its neck shield has white spots and usually covers its head. It has little reddish-brown legs. 

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RESEARCH: Insects play dead to avoid being eaten

Insects play dead to avoid being eaten. Playing dead might help prey animals stay alive.

Nigel R. Franks at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and his colleagues, were conducting a study on beetle-like larvae (grubs) of the flying Antlions (Euroleon nostras). When they dropped the 12-millimetre-long larvae onto a tray to weigh them, the insects froze.

Franks and his colleagues observed the behaviour repeatedly, noting that the insects would stay immobile for a few seconds to more than an hour.

The researchers thought that this behavioiur was a survival mechanism, imitating the times when birds accidentally dropped the Antlions after grabbing them out of their sandpits.

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Great Mormon Butterfly

The Great Mormon Butterfly (Papilio Memnon agenor) is a large insect in the Papilionidae family of swallowtail butterflies. 

The Great Mormon Butterfly male has blue-black upperparts. The female has brownish upperparts, streaked with greyish white. She has red patches on her wings near her body.  Both the male and female do not have a tail, even though it is a swallowtail. Its body is black with medium-sized black antennae. 

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Flat Badge Huntsman Spider

The Flat Badge Huntsman Spider (Neosparassus patellatus) is a large arachnid in the Sparassidae family of badge huntsman spiders. Sparassids are eight-eyed spiders.

The Flat Badge Huntsman Spider has a grey, thick, flat body with smooth furry hair. The female is lighter, often orange to pinkish brown. It has a distinctive shield, called a badge, with white spots on its underbelly. Its abdomen, called a carapace, is oval with a square front near its eyes. On its abdomen, it has a series of black dots. It has eight long legs. The first two pairs of legs are longer than the other legs.

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