Common Wild Turkey

The Common Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is a large bird in the Phasianidae family of pheasants, partridges, francolins, junglefowl, and grouse. It is a galliforme. 

The Common Wild Turkey has black feathers with brown-black and white tail feathers with a roundish body. Its feathers have a brown and green iridescent sheen. It has pale feet with spurs. It has brown eyes. It has wings and can fly for a short distance. 

It has fleshy red nodes or bumps on its head, which are called caruncles. The male turkey has fleshy red skin that hangs from it head, the top of its pale beak, and under its neck. The fleshy part on its forehead that hangs over its beak is called a snood. The fleshy part under its chin is called a wattle or dewlap. 

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Temminck’s Tragopan Pheasant

The Temminck’s Tragopan Pheasant (Tragopan temminckii) is a medium-sized bird.

The male Temminck’s Tragopan Pheasant is red and orange, with white-spotted feathers. It has a black beak and pink legs. Its facial skin is blue and bare with no feathers. It has inflatable dark-blue wattles (skin flaps) on its face. The female has brown and white-spotted feathers with blue circular eye skin.

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Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) is a large, tropical wetland dabbllng bird. It is also known as the Barbary Duck.

The Muscovy Duck is mainly black and white, with the male having more iridescent feathers than the female. The white feathers on its neck and head can be consistent or patchy. It often has white patches or bars on its wings. The male has a short crest on the back of its neck. Its beak can be yellow, pink, or black. It has pink or red wattles (loose skin) around its beak. 

It has long claws on its webbed feet and a wide flat tail. Its eyes are yellowish-brown.

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Kunekune Pig

The Kunekune Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus or Sus domesticus) is a small, rare breed of domestic pig. It is a mammal.

The Kunekune Pig is hairy and barrel-shaped. Kunekune is from the Maori language, meaning fat and round. It often has two wattles (loose skin) hanging from its chin. It has a medium to short black snout (nose). It can be a range of colours, such as black, brown, black and white, ginger, cream, gold-tipped, tri-coloured, and spotted. Its hair can be long or short, and straight or curly. Its legs are short.

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Southern Cassowary

The Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) is a large flightless bird. It is also called the Double-Wattled Cassowary or the Australian Cassowary. It is a ratite, related to the emu, ostrich, kiwi, and the rhea. There is also a Northern Cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus).

The Southern Cassowary has stiff, bristly black feathers, a blue face and neck, red on the cape and two red wattles hanging down around its throat. It has a horn-like brown casque on the top of its head. Its feet have three toes with one long claw on each foot.

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Wattled Starling

The Wattled Starling (Creatophora cinerea) is a small African bird. It is also called the Locust Bird.

The Wattled Starling is grey-brown with black wings and a black tail. It has a white rump and short wings. It has a pale pink-white beak, pale pink-grey legs, and dark eyes.

When males are ready to breed, the skin on their heads becomes yellow with twisted black wattles (hanging or drooping skin).

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Golden Pheasant

The Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) is also called the Chinese Pheasant. It it a game bird from western China.

The male Golden Pheasant has a golden-yellow crest with red at the tip. Its face, throat, chin, and the sides of its neck are rust-brown. Its wattles are yellow, and its cape is light orange. Its back and rump are golden-yellow. It has patches of blue and dark red. The male’s tail plumage is black spotted with cinnamon. The male also has a scarlet chest.

The female is not as coloured, appearing dark mottled brown. The female’s chest is light-brown and dark-brown. Both males and females have yellow legs and yellow beaks. Both males and females have bright yellow eyes.

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African Marabou Stork

The African Marabou Stork (Leptoptilos crumeniferus) – often just called the Marabou – is large with distinct features and is found in sub-Saharan Africa.

Its feathers are grey and white. Its soft, white tail feathers are known as marabou. It has a pink bald head and neck like a vulture with red spots and a long reddish-coloured pouch hanging from its neck, called a wattle. It has a conical bill. It has long black legs.

It grows to 1.5 metres (5 feet) tall with a wingspan of 2.6 metres (8.5 feet). In flight, it soars, but when it is on the ground it walks in a hunched manner. It is often called The Undertaker bird.

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