Asian Hornet

The Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina) is an insect in the Vespidae family of eusocial wasps. It is a vespid. It is also known as the Yellow-Legged Hornet. 

The Asian Hornet has a smooth black and yellow-orange body with black wings and yellow legs, called tarsi. Its thorax (chest) is brown or black. Its abdomen (stomach) is brown. Each abdominal segment has a narrow yellow border, except for the fourth segment, which is orange. Its head is black with a yellow-orange face and black antennae. The female worker hornet has a smooth barbless stinger that can repeatedly sting an animal.

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European Hornet

The European Hornet (Vespa crabro) is an insect in the family of eusocial wasps. It is the largest hornet in Europe. It is a vespine.

The European Hornet is black and yellow, with distinctive yellow legs, and reddish-orange wings. Its abdomen is yellow striped with black markings. Its has hair on its thorax and abdomen, but it is not as hairy as bees. The male has seven segments on its abdomen, whereas the female has six segments. Its eyes are shaped like the letter C. The female worker hornet has a stinger at the end of her abdomen. The male has antennae with 13 segments, whereas the female has 12 segments.

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