Majorcan Midwife Toad

The Majorcan Midwife Toad (Alytes muletensis) is a small freshwater amphibian in the Alytidae family of toads. It is a vulnerable species. 

The Majorcan Midwife Toad can be a variety of colours, but it is generally brownish to yellowish or greenish, with several irregular dark spots along its body. It has big, bulging dark eyes, suited to living in the dark. It has long legs with webbed feet that enable it to climb over rocks.

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Yellow-Bellied Toad

The Yellow-Bellied Toad (Bombina variegata) is a small amphibian in the Bombinatoridae family of fire-bellied toads.

The Yellow-Bellied Toad is grey-brown on the top with spots and warts on its back. Its underbelly and inner sides of its limbs, fingers, and toes, are grey-blue to black-blue with bright yellow to orange spots or patches. Its body is short with a rounded snout (nose). Its eardrums are not visible. It has bulging eyes, with heart-shaped pupils. 

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Schneider’s Toad

The Schneider’s Toad (Rhinella schneideri) is a common and widespread amphibian. It is also called the Cururu Toad or the Rococo Toad.

The Schneider’s Toad has a short, broad brownish-yellow body with a crested head. It has a whitish belly and throat. It has a rounded snout (nose). It has a distinctive visible tympanum (eardrum). Its eyes are large and bulging with line-shaped pupils. It does not have webbing between its toes. Its skin is rough and covered with blunt, spiny warts. The warts are light near the bottom and spotted with black on the top.

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