White-Throated Savanna Monitor Lizard

The White-Throated Savannah Monitor Lizarad (Varanus albigularis albigularis) is a medium-sized lizard from southern Africa. It is a reptile.

The White-Throated Savannah Monitor is grey or brown with a pronounced bulbous head, and large ear holes and large nostrils. It has 3-8 white cross-bars or rows of white sports on its body. The top of the head is dark, and its underbelly is paler. It has short legs with large claws on its feet. It has small eyes with round pupils. It forked tongue is long and blue.

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Yellow-Throated Longclaw

The Yellow-Throated Longclaw (Macronyx croceus) is a small African bird, found in East Africa and West Africa.

The Yellow-Throated Longclaw has a bright yellow chest and throat, with a distinctive black band (called a necklace). Its upperparts are brown. It has white tipped outer feathers and fine black stripes on its side feathers. It has long, pale brown legs with long hind (back) claws.

The Yellow-Throated Longclaw walks with long steps. It crouches when approached, then stands tall and outstretched, as if to make itself appear taller.

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What’s the difference between African Plovers: Crowned, Spur-Winged and Long-Toed?

Plovers are wetland or shorebirds, found on mudflats. Of 64 species worldwide, 27 species are native to Africa.

The Crowned Plover (Vanellus coronatus) has yellow eyes.

The Spur-Winged Plover (Vanellus spinosus) has red eyes.

The Long-Toed Plover (Vanellus charadrius crassirostris) has cherry-red eyes with black pupils.


The Crowned Plover has a black and white crown (top of head).

The Spur-Winged Plover has a black crown.

The Long-Toed Plover has a white crown.

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