Downlooker Snipe Fly

The Downlooker Snipe Fly (Rhagio scolopaceus) is an insect in the Rhagionidae family of snipe flies. 

The Downlooker Snipe Fly has a slender brown body and six long stilt-like legs. It has a proboscis (sucking mouthpart) that looks like the long, slender beak of a a Snipe bird. Its head points downwards when it rests on an object or tree trunk. It does not have bristles (hairs) like the Housefly. Its wings are translucent (clear) with dark-brown markings. 

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Black-Winged Stilt

The Black-Winged Stilt(Himantopus himantopus himantopus) is a bird in the Recurvirostridae family of waders. It is a long-legged wading bird. Stilts refer to the long legs, and himantopus means thong foot or strap foot. It is also called the Common Stilt or Pied Stilt.

The Black-Winged Stiltis black and white, with long pink legs and a long, thin black beak. The male has a black back. The female has brownish backs.

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