RESEARCH: Lemur songs are similar to human music

Lemur songs are similar to human music says new research reported in The New Scientist magazine on 25 October 2021.

Research scientists from the University of Turin in Italy are studying the Indri Lemur (Indri indri) in the lowland rainforest in eastern Madagascar.

Their research suggests that the primate’s calls have a great deal in common with human music.

The Indri Lemur sings to communicate with other family groups, or to locate and reunite with family members, says Chiara De Gregorio, the research leader. The Indri Lemur is a large, black and white lemur in the Indriidae family.

The researchers recorded songs from 20 different Indri Lemur groups over 12 years in Madagascar’s rainforests and analysed the timing of the notes.

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RESEARCH: Fish can sing, researchers say

Marine biologists have found that fish can sing.

Some marine biologists have recorded fish singing. The sound recordings were captured by two sea-noise loggers (marine biologists) near the Port Hedland shore in Western Australia and also 21 kilometres (13 miles) away from shore. The sounds were recorded for 24 hours a day for seven days a week for 18 months. 

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