Pine Ladybird Beetle

The Pine Ladybird Beetle (Exochomus quadripustulatus) is a small insect in the Coccinellidae family of ladybird beetles and ladybugs. It is a coccinellid beetle. It is also known as the Pine Lady Beetle.

The Pine Ladybird Beetle has black elytra (two wing cases) with two large reddish-orange comma-shaped spots and two smaller red round spots near its tail. Therefore, it has four medium-to-large spots in total. Its shiny body is oval-shaped and slightly domed. Its wings are hidden underneath the wing cases. 

It has black compound eyes. Its antennae are light-brown and slightly thickened at the ends. Its neck shield has white spots and usually covers its head. It has little black legs. 

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Tachinid Fly

The Tachinid Fly (Tachina fera) is an insect in the Tachinidae family of true flies.

The Tachinid Fly has a grey thorax (chest) with black stripes. Its abdomen is yellow-orange with two yellow bands. It has a wide black stripe down the middle of its abdomen from head to tail. It is bristly (with thick black hair) on its thorax and abdomen. Its head is yellowish with long yellow and black antennae. It has large red compound eyes. Its wings have a slight yellow tinge with brown veins. The male has black legs with yellow tips, and the female has yellowish legs.

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Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus orStegomyia albopicta) is a small insect from the Culicidae family of mosquitoes. It is also known as the Forest Day Mosquito.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito has white bands on its long, thin, silvery-black legs and black body. It has a single silvery-white line of scales that begins between its eyes and continues down its back. It has bushy antennae and compound eyes. It has a dark-coloured proboscis (long nose) for sucking blood from the body of animals or humans.

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Common Tiger Butterfly

The Common Tiger Butterfly (Danaus genutia) is an insect in the Nymphalidae family and Danainae group of brush-footed butterflies called the crows and tigers. It is also known as the Striped Tiger Butterfly. 

The Common Tiger Butterfly is similar to the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus). The Common Tiger Butterfly has tawny-brown wings with veins marked with broad black bands. The male has a pouch on the hindwing. Its wings have black margins with two rows of white spots. The undersides of its wings are similar to the uppersides, but paler. 

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Common Sergeant Butterfly

The Common Sergeant Butterfly (Athyma perius) is a medium-sized insect in the Nymphalidae family.

The male Common Sergeant Butterfly has black wings with white markings. The undersides of its wings are yellow with white markings edged with black. Its thorax is black with bluish spots, and its abdomen is brown with white bands. Its antennae are long. The female is blackish-brown with a double row of minute black dots on her wings.  

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Common Brimstone Butterfly

The Common Brimstone Butterfly (Gonepteryx rhamni) is a medium-sized insect in the Pieridae family – white, yellow, and orange butterflies.

The male and female Common Brimstone Butterfly look different. The male has yellow wings with iridescence. The female has greenish-white wings with no iridescence. It has one small orange-brown spot on each of its four wings. Its body is dark-brown. It has medium-sized antennae.

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