Rosemary Beetle

The Rosemary Beetle (Chryolina americana) is a small insect in the Chrysomelidae family of leaf beetles. 

The Rosemary Beetle is metallic, iridescent green with purple-brown stripes on its ridged elytra (wing shields), from its pronotum (neck shield) to its tail. It has short wings hidden underneath the elytra. It can fly, but only for short distances. Most tend to walk. It has six little brown legs. Its body is slightly domed with a rounded tail end. It has round, black eyes. Its antennae are light-brown and look like a string of beads. 

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22-Spot Ladybird Beetle

The 22-Spot Ladybird Beetle (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata) is a small insect in the Coccinellidae family of ladybird beetles and ladybugs. It is a coccinellid beetle.

The 22-Spot Ladybird Beetle has yellow elytra (two wing cases) with 22 black spots. Its pronotum is yellow with 5 black spots. Its shiny body is oval-shaped and slightly domed. Its wings are hidden underneath the wing cases. It has black compound eyes. Its antennae are light-brown and slightly thickened at the ends. Its neck shield has white spots and usually covers its head. It has little black legs. 

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Water Scavenger Beetle

The Water Scavenger Beetle (Cercyon laminatus) is a very small insect in the Hydrophilidae family of freshwater beetles. It is an hydrophilid.

The Water Scavenger Beetle has a elongatd dark-coloured body, interrupted between the pronotum (head) and elytra (wing cases) – there is a space between the two body parts. It has irregular longitudinal grooves on its wing cases. It has club-shaped antennae. 

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Harlequin Ladybird Beetle

The Harlequin Ladybird Beetle (Harmonia axyridis) is a small insect in the Coccinellidae family of beetles. It is a coccinellid beetle. It is also known as the Multicolored Asian Beetle, the Asian Ladybeetle, the Harlequin Ladybug Beetle, or the Halloween Ladybeetle. 

The Harlequin Ladybird Beetle has many colours and varieties. It is domed with a smooth, oval-shaped body. It has a head, pronotum, and body with elytra (two wing coverings or cases). Its wings are hidden underneath the wing cases. It is usually red or orange with 0-21 black spots, with a dark underside. Extreme forms have a pattern of orange and white irregular-shaped spots on a black body, with white on its head. 

Despite its many colours, it always has six reddish-brown legs. It has black compound eyes. Its antennae are short, light-brown, and slightly thickened at the ends. Its neck shield usually covers the head and has white spots. 

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Eyed Longhorn Beetle

The Eyed Longhorn Beetle (Oberea oculata) is an insect in the Cerambycidae family of longhorn beetles. It is also known as the Eyed Longicorn.

The Eyed Longhorn Beetle has an elongated, brown body with brown wing cases called elytra. It has an orange thorax and underbelly. It has two black dots on its pronotum (the section behind its head). It has a shiny black head with long, black antennae. 

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Striped Bug

The Striped Bug (Graphosoma lineatum) is a small insect in the Pentatomidae family of shield bugs. It is also known as the Minstrel Bug or the Striped Stink Bug.

The Striped Bug has a roundish body with a large shield on its back, called a scutellum. Its upperbody is orangish, with wide, black, longitudinal stripes. Its pronotum (plate-like structure that covers the thorax) has six black bands. It has forewings (front wings) called hemelytra, and it also has hindwings (back wings). It has a sucking mouthpart.  Its antennae are black with five segments. It has six reddish-orange legs.

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Hissing Cockroach

The Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina oblongonota) is an insect in the roach family. It is also known as a Wide-Horned Hisser. 

The Hissing Cockroach is dark-brown to black with red-brown on its thick, waxy exo-skeleton.  It has orange-brown sections with small spots on each side. The male has thicker, hairier antennae than the female. The male also has horn-type structures on the pronotum (the front section of its thorax). Unlike most cockroaches, the Hissing Cockroach is wingless. It has 6 legs, with pads and hooks on its feet that enable it to climb. It can even climb smooth glass.

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Egyptian Locust

The Egyptian Locust (Anacridium aegyptium) is an insect in the Acrididae family and Cyrtacanthacridinae family of grasshoppers and locusts. It is also known as the Egyptian Grasshopper.

The Egyptian Locust has a long grey-brown or olive coloured body with a beige-orange strip along its back, called a pronotum. Near the pronotum are several white spots. It has short grey antennae. Its wings are clear with dark marks. Its legs have darker brown bands. It is easily identifiable by the vertical stripes on its large eyes.

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