Capillaria Nematode

The Capillaria Nematode (Capillaria pterophylli) is a freshwater aquatic parasitic roundworm in the Trichosomoididae family of nematodes. It is found in and attached to Goldfish and other freshwater fish. It is a disease in the fish, and eventually kills the fish. It is a capillarid. 

The Capillaria Nematode is very small and difficult to see. It is transparent (clear or see-through). It is long and cyclindrical like a worm (but not flat like a flatworm). It is smooth. It has a thorny head at one end. 

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Unwanted Animals

Unwanted plants are called weeds, obnoxious plants, or invasive species. What are unwanted animals called?

Unwanted animals are called vermin, pests, strays, parasites, or invasive species when they are considered to be harmful or destructive to people, other animals, plants, or crops.

For example, fleas are often referred to as parasitic, and rats are considered to be vermin because both carry disease.

Human-introduced animals in a region, which become harmful to the native species and the ecosystem, such as the goats on Galapagos Island, are called invasive species.

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