Why do some snakes have blue eyes?

Why do some snakes have a blue spot or a blue eye?

When snakes shed their skin, it is called ‘Blue’ because there is often a blue spot or blue eye.

Snakes shed their skin as they grow larger. This is called ecdysis.

Snakes produce a mucous (sticky liquid) when they shed their skin, which helps separate the old skin from the new skin. The mucous often enters their eye scale, turning it blue.

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CREATURE FEATURE: Red-Headed Rock Agama

The Red-Headed Rock Agama (Agama agama) is a lizard found in most of sub-Saharan Africa.

The Red-Headed Rock Agama has a brown-black body, red head, white underbelly, and a tail with a light stripe down the middle. The dominant male has a red head, blue body and yellow tail, whereas females and adolescents have an olive-green head.

Its size varies from 13-30 cm (5-12 inches) in total length. Males are usually longer than females.

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