White-Faced Saki

The White-Faced Saki (Pithecia pithecia) is an arboreal primate monkey. It is a mammal in the Pitheciidae family. It is also called the Guianan Saki and the Golden-Faced Saki. 

The male White-Faced Saki has blackish fur with a reddish-white forehead, face, and throat, and a bushy tail. Its face is whiter than the female’s face. The female has shorter hair, with brownish-grey fur and white or pale-brown stripes around the corners of her nose and mouth. 

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Golden Lion Tamarin

The Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) is an endangered mammal in the Callitrichidae family of small monkeys. It is also known as the Golden Marmoset. 

The Golden Lion Tamarin has bright reddish-orange fur with a mane around its face and ears. Its face is dark and hairless. It has elongated hands and fingers, with claw-like nails which enable it to cling to tree trunks. 

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Pied Tamarin

The Pied Tamarin (Saguinus bicolor) is an endangered primate mammal in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys. It is also known as the Brazilian Bare-Faced Tamarin.

The Pied Tamarin is black and white, with a black face, large black ears, a fluffy white collar, short white whiskers, and a greyish-orange-brown body. It has small dark eyes. It has black feet with sharp claws that enable it to climb trees.

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Vervet Monkey – Babies

The Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), from Africa, lives in a hierarchical group. A hierarchy is a system of status or authority, from the leader or leaders to each member of the family order.

Baby Vervet Monkeys play and fight amongst each other. Babies younger than three years old fight for hierarchical positions. Young Vervet Monkeys older than three years old fight more aggressively and for conflict reasons.

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Long-Tailed Macaque

The Long-Tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) is a monkey, a primate, and a mammal. It is also known as the Crab-Eating Macaque or the Cynomolgus Monkey.

The Long-Tailed Macaque is a monkey with short arms, short legs, and a very long tail. It has dark-grey fur with light golden-brown tips. Its underparts are light-grey, and its tail is dark-grey to brown. It has a crown with hairs pushed backwards. Its feet and ears are black. Its ears sometimes have white spots. The skin on its muzzle (nose) is light greyish-pink. Its eyelids have white markings. The male has a moustache and cheek whiskers, whereas the female does not have a moustache.

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Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin

The Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) is a small endangered primate. It is related to the Marmoset, Capuchin, and Titi Monkey.

The Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin has a lion-like mane of hair around its dark hairless face. It has black fur on most of its body, and golden fur on its head, mane, hands, feet, and tail. It has clawed nails, called tegulae, at the ends of its fingertips, instead of on top of its fingertips. It has small dark eyes.

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Diana Monkey

The Diana Monkey (Cercopithecus diana diana) is a primate mammal from Africa.

The Diana Monkey is black or dark-grey with a white throat and a white crescent-shaped band across its eyebrow. It has a white ruff around its neck and a white beard. Its underarms are also white. There is a white stripe down its upper legs. The back of its upper legs and its lower back is chestnut-coloured.

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Common Marmoset 

The Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) is a small monkey from South America. It is a mammal.

The Common Marmoset is small with a long banded (striped) tail. It has brown, grey, and yellow fur. It has white ear tufts. It has black across its nose and a white patch on its forehead. On its fingers, it has claw-like nails, called tegulaes. On its feet, only its big toes have toenails.

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The Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) is also known as the Barbary Ape. It is a mammal and a primate. It is not an ape (apes have no tail) – it is a monkey (it has a tail). Macaque is pronounced makak.

The Barbary Macaque has yellow-brown to grey fur, with a lighter underbelly. It has an orange-brown cap. It has a dark-pink face with a prominent brow. Its tail is vestigial, meaning that it has become functionless – it is only about 2 centimetres (less than one inch) long.

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Hamadryas Baboon

The Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas) is a medium-sized primate (mammal) in the monkey family.

The Hamadryas Baboon male has silver-white fur and the female has brown fur. Its face can be red, light-brown or dark-brown. The male has a large mane and brow over its eyes, whereas the female does not have a mane, nor a brow. Its tail ends in a small tuft (clump of hair). It has sharp canine teeth.

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