Lava Flows

Lava flows are the remains of hot lava (molten rock) that erupts from a volcano and flows over the land.

When a volcano erupts, the lava is intensely hot, with red fire flames and hot flowing streams of lava. The lava burns everything it touches – trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, and the soil. The lava flow can spread for kilometres. When the lava flow cools, the molten rock is black, and it leaves the area black for hundreds of years.

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The Rock Hyrax (Procavia capensis) is a mammal in the Procaviidae family. Hyrax means shrew mouse.

The Rock Hyrax is related to the Elephant and the Manatee (Dugong). It has tusks like the Elephant, which develop from the incisor teeth (most mammalian tusks develop from canine teeth). Also, like the Elephant, it has flattened nails on the tips of its toes, rather than curved, elongated claws that most mammals have.

The Rock Hyrax is furry and round, with a short tail. It has molar teeth and incisor teeth. The two upper incisors are large and tusk-like, and grow continuously throughout its life, similar to rodents such as rats. The four lower incisors are deeply grooved ‘comb teeth’. It has pads on its feet, which helps it move up steep, rocky terrains. It has four stumpy toes on each front foot and three on each back foot, all with hoof-like nails.

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