What is an animal’s Arc of Vision?

What is an animal’s Arc of Vision? 

An Arc of Vision (AoV) is also known as the Field of View (FoV) or the Field of Vision (FoV) or the Visual Field. 

It is the view that an animal can see when its head, and the eye, are still. Can it see all around it – on all sides – or can it only see what is in front of it?

Monocular vision is what can be seen with one eye, and binocular vision is what can be seen with two eyes.

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Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique

What does horizontal, vertical, and oblique mean?

If an object is horizontal, it is parallel (level) to the ground and the horizon. A snake is horizontal when it slithers on the ground. Humans are horizontal when they are sleeping or lying on the ground.

If an object is vertical, it is up and down. A tree is vertical. Humans are vertical when they are standing up.

If an object is oblique, it is at an angle. It is not horizontal and it is not vertical.

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