The Dunnock (Prunella modularis) is a small passerine, or perching and singing bird in the accentor family. It is also called the Hedge Accentor, the Hedge Sparrow, or the Hedge Warbler. 

The Dunnock is a brown bird with streaks of darker brown on its back. Its underbelly is light-brown. It has a blue-grey head. It has a fine-pointed beak. It has pink legs. The male and female look similar. 

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Crimean Snail

The Crimean Snail (Helix taurica) is a spiral-shaped invertebrate gastropod mollusc. An invertebrate does not have a backbone and gastropod means stomach-footed. It is also called the Roman Snail, the Edible Snail, or the Vineyard Snail. 

The Crimean Snail has a thick, spherical shell with a distinct apex. The shell has a white background with dark-brown to reddish-brown, irregular, vertical bands.

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What is a detritivore?
A detritivore is an animal that eats small particles of dead organic (animal and plant) material. 
It is a detritivorous animal because it eats detritus. 
Dead leaves, dead plants, dead animal bodies, and even dead skin is detritus.