Mulard Duck

The Mulard Duck is a large wetlands bird in the Anatidae family of dabbling ducks. It is a hybrid between the Muscovy Duck (Cairina mschata) and the domestic duck called the Pekin Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus). It is also spelled Moulard Duck. It is also known as the Mule Duck.

The Mulard Duck is white with a pale pink beak. It has pink or red wattles (loose skin) around its eyes and beak. It has a wide, flat tail. It has long claws on its webbed feet. Its eyes are brown.

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Eurasian Wigeon

The Eurasian Wigeon (Mareca penelope or Anas penelope) is a bird in the Mareca genus of dabbling ducks. It is also spelled Widgeon. 

The male Eurasian Wigeon has grey feathers on its back and sides during the breeding season, with a black tail, a dark-green speculum, and a white patch on its upper wings. It has a pink chest, white belly, and a chestnut-coloured head with a cream-coloured crown. In the non-breeding season, the male and the female look similar. 

The female Eurasian Wigeon is light brown with a paler head and white feathers on its underwing. Sometimes, the female has a rufous (red-brown) body with a redder head or a grey body with a grey head.

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Hottentot Teal

The Hottentot Teal (Spatula hottentota) is a bird in the Spatula genus of dabbling ducks. 

The Hottentot Teal male is dark-brown with a paler face, throat, chest, and side. It has a blackish mark near its ear. The back of its neck is spotted with black. It has an iridescent green speculum. It has brown eyes. Its beak, legs and webbed feet are bluish-grey. The female is brown and not as colourful as the male. 

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Falcated Duck

The Falcated Duck (Mareca falcata) is a wetlands bird in the dabbling duck family. It is related to the Gadwell, Mallard, Pintail, Wigeon, and Shoveler.

The Falcated Duck has a large head with a peaked forehead. The male has a purple-chestnut and bright green head and mane, with a white throat, white foreneck, and yellow beak. It has a green collar, grey body, and black crescents (sickle shapes) on its chest. The female is dark-brown with a long grey beak. Both the male and female have orange webbed feet. 

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Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) is a large, tropical wetland dabbllng bird. It is also known as the Barbary Duck.

The Muscovy Duck is mainly black and white, with the male having more iridescent feathers than the female. The white feathers on its neck and head can be consistent or patchy. It often has white patches or bars on its wings. The male has a short crest on the back of its neck. Its beak can be yellow, pink, or black. It has pink or red wattles (loose skin) around its beak. 

It has long claws on its webbed feet and a wide flat tail. Its eyes are yellowish-brown.

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Eurasian Teal

The Eurasian Teal (Anas crecca) is a freshwater dabbling duck, and a freshwater wetlands bird. It is also called the Common Teal. 

The Eurasian Teal is named after its blue-green colour, called teal. The male has a chestnut-coloured head and upper neck, with a wide iridescent dark-green patch near its eyes. The patch is bordered with thin yellowish-white lines. It has a buff-coloured chest with small, round, brown spots. The centre of its belly is white. Its tail is black with a bright yellowish patch. 

The female is yellowish-brown, and darker on its wings and back, with a dark grey-brown upper head. The male has a dark-grey beak, whereas the female has a pinkish or yellowish beak, that is darker at the tip. It has short legs. The male has dark-grey feet, whereas the female has grey-olive feet. It has brown eyes.

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Northern Shoveler

The Northern Shoveler (Spatula clypeata) is a freshwater, wetlands dabbling duck. It is a bird. Spatula means spoon – it has a spoon-shaped beak.

The Northern Shoveler has a large, broad, greyish spoon-shaped beak, called a spatulate beak. It often has an orange colour on the cutting edge of its beak and lower jaw. The male has an iridescent dark-green head, white chest, chestnut belly, and chestnut side feathers. In the breeding season, the male has a white crescent on each side of its face. The female is pale mottled brown.

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Mallard Duck

The Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is a medium-sized dabbling duck. It is a water bird, living in wetlands.

The male Mallard – the drake – has a glossy green head, white collar, grey on its wings, and grey on its belly. The female has mainly brown speckled feathers. The male and female have iridescent blue feathers with white edges on their wings. The male has a yellow-orange beak, tipped with black, and the female has a darker beak.

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Australian Wood Duck

The Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata) is a common Australian dabbling duck.

The Australian Wood Duck is grey with a dark brown head and mottled black and white chest, with mainly white feathers. The male has a patch of bright green feathers towards the tail. It has grey wings with some black feathers. The female has white stripes above and below the eye, and is predominantly brown, speckled with white.

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