How does a Python eat?

How does a Python eat? 

The jaws of a python are not like a human’s jaws. Humans cannot open their mouth very wide, but a python can.

The jaws of a python are extremely flexible because they are not fused together and they are not connected to the back of its mouth. 

A python can open its jaws so wide that it can eat a medium-sized animal whole – such as a deer, antelope, pig, cat, or dog.

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Natal Rock Python


The Natal Rock Python (Python sebae natalensis) is a huge, thick non-venomous snake, found close to water in forests and deserts of southern and eastern Africa.

They have a triangular head and distinct markings that are brown, olive, or yellowish in colour. The colours darken with age. Old pythons can be almost black. Their scales are small and smooth.

They have sharp, backwardly curved teeth.

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