The Serval (Leptailurus serval) is a slender, medium-sized wild cat found in southern Africa, similar to a cheetah but much smaller. The Serval can grow to 54–62 centimetres (21–24 inches) tall.

The Serval has golden-yellow fur that has black spots and black stripes. It has a small head, large ears, elongated toes, and a short 30 centimetre (12 inch) long black-tipped tail. It has brown or green eyes, white whiskers, white chin, and white under-belly. Three to four black stripes run from the back of the head onto the shoulders, which become rows of spots.

The Serval has the longest legs of any cat, in comparison with its body size. This may be to allow the Serval cat to walk above muddy ground. Like a domestic cat, it is very flexible and can change direction in mid-air as it leaps.

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Cheetah eater

When a cheetah is chasing its prey, the cheetah trips the animal so that it falls down.

Then the cheetah will bite the animal on the throat to stop it from breathing.

Cheetahs eat as quickly as possible before stronger animals, such as lions, hyenas, or even vultures, snatch the dead animal from them. They eat the meat only, and not the bones, because their teeth are not strong enough.

Even though cheetahs are fast, they are not strong enough to protect themselves from large predators, such as lions. If hyenas try to take away their food, cheetahs just let them have it because they aren’t strong enough to fight.

Cheetahs always hunt alone, but if there is a group of cheetahs, they will attack large predators, especially to protect their babies.



Photographer: Martina Nicolls