Feather Duster Worm

The Feather Duster Worm (Sabellastarte spectabilis) is a tropical marine worm, or bristleworm – a polychaete. It is also called the Fan Worm. Some are sedentary (sessile) and some are mobile (errant). It is an annelid. It looks like a plant, but it is an animal.

The sedentary Feather Duster Worm lives in an elongated tube. The tube looks like a rolled-up parchment. It has segments that have appendages, called setae, or bristles, or tentacles, that look like a feather duster. The appendages are brown with white bands.

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Australian Eastern Raven

The Australian Eastern Raven (Corvus coronoides coronoides) is a medium-sized black bird.

The Australian Eastern Raven is all black, with a black beak and grey-black legs. The upperparts have glossy feathers, with a purplish sheen. It has throat hackles with rounded tips (that looks like a beard). It has white eyes. The upper beak (mandible) has short bristles. The beak is tipped with a slight hook.

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External Covering: from skin and scales to fur and feathers

External covering is the outside appearance of an animal. Animals can have fur, feathers, hair, short hair, long hair, smooth hair, bristles, skin, thick skin, moist skin, dry skin, scales, waterproof scales, small scales, overlapping scales, spikes, hard shells, soft shells, smooth shells, rough shells, wool, or no covering at all.

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