CREATURE FEATURE: Long-Crested Eagle

The Long-Crested Eagle (Lophaetus occipitalis) is an African raptor, a bird of prey. It is an accipiter.

The Long-Crested Eagle is black-brown over most of its body, with patches of white on its wings. It has a long, shaggy crest. It has black and grey bars on its tail. Its eyes are big and bright yellow. It has a black beak with a yellow cere, and yellow legs.

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Yellow-Billed Stork

The Yellow-Billed Stork (Mycteria ibis) is a large wading wetlands bird from sub-Saharan Africa (mainly East Africa) and Madagascar. Although its scientific name is Mycteria ibis, it is not an ibis.

It is white with a short black tail and a deep yellow beak (bill), which is slightly decurved at the end. Its face and forehead has deep red skin and its legs are pink.

The Yellow-Billed Stork wades in shallow water with high-steps. It is a medium-sized wader, growing to 90–105 centimetres (35–41 inches) tall.

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