Blue-and-Yellow Frog

The Blue-and-Yellow Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) is an amphibian. It is a hylid frog. It is also known as the Bicoloured Tree-Frog, the Giant Monkey Frog, the Giant Leaf Frog, or the Waxy-Monkey Treefrog. 

The Blue-and-Yellow Frog is lime green with a yellowish-white belly. Its lower lips, chest, and front legs have white spots. Its toes have large, green discs to enable it to stick to tree branches. Its eyes are dark-grey. 

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Amazonian see-through Glass Frog is under threat of extinction

A newly discovered Glass Frog species whose beating heart is visible through its chest is already under threat of extinction, because its habitat is threatened by oil exploitation.

The frog (Hyalinobatrachium yaku) lives in the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador.

“Not all Glass Frogs have hearts that are visible through the chest. In some, the heart itself is white, so you don’t see the red blood,” said Paul Hamilton, of the American non-profit organisation called the Biodiversity Group. Glass Frogs need pristine (pure) streams to breed. “If the stream dries up, or becomes polluted, the frogs can’t survive,” said Hamilton.

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