Giant Bladder Kelp

The Giant Bladder Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) is a marine (saltwater) heterokont in the Laminariales family of algae. It is not a plant. A heterokont includes algae, such as kelp, diatoms, and plankton.

The Giant Bladder Kelp grows in a diagonal direction due to the ocean current pushing against it. It has stalks that grows from a holdfast and branches out three or four times. Each blade has a single gas bladder, called a pneumatocyst. 

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Dembea Stone Lapper

The Dembea Stone Lapper (Garra dembeensis) is also called the Cameroon Logsucker. It is a freshwater ray-finned fish from Africa, related to the minnow.

The Dembea Stone Lapper is a small bottom-dwelling fish, living on the river bed, but also sometimes on the surface. It has an elongated grey body, rounded head, and a forked tail. It has small suckers with no barbels around its mouth. It has round orange eyes with large black pupils.

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Yellow Tang

The Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a bright yellow peaceful saltwater fish in the Acanthuridae family, native to the Hawaiian Islands. Flavescens means yellow. They are related to the surgeon fish.

They are round and flat, with dark eyes and a protruding nose. At night, the yellow colour fades slightly, and a prominent brownish patch develops in the middle with a horizontal white band. During daylight, the yellow colour returns.

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