Nuptial flight of termites

What is the nuptial flight of termites?

The nuptial flight of termites is when they mate to produce babies.

Alates are winged termites and their job is to reproduce. There are male and female alates.

Ants and other insects may also have a nuptial flight, generally at night. The nuptial flight of termite alates is a bit different. Termites are weak fliers so they wait until perfect weather conditions before they swarm to establish a new colony.

Termites take their nuptial flight (they swarm) in the middle of the day, when it is sunny, there is no wind, and after it has rained.

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Safari Ant

The Safari Ant (Dorylus) is an insect. It is also known as the Driver Ant and Army Ant.

The Safari Ant is red or red-black with a head, an abdomen, and a thorax. The drone is larger than the soldier ant, and the queen ant is the largest ant in the colony. The soldier Safari Ant has a large head with mandibles (jaws) that look like crab pincers. All worker Safari Ants are blind and don’t have eyes. They communicate by touch and scent (called pheromones).

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