Juvenile Zebra Dove

The Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) is a medium-sized bird in the Columbidae family of pigeons. It is also known as the Barred Ground Dove. It is related to the Peaceful Dove (Geopelia placida) and the Barred Dove (Geopelia maugeus). 

The Zebra Dove is native to southeast Asia, in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Zebra Dove (juvenile)

The Zebra Dove is brownish-grey with black and white bars (broad stripes). Its underparts are pinkish with black bars on the sides of its neck, chest, and belly. Its face is blue-grey, with bare blue skin around its eyes. It has a long, narrow tail and a slender body. There are white tips on its tail feathers. 

The adult female makes a nest of leaves and grass in a bush or tree. She lays 1-2 eggs. Both parents sit on the eggs to incubate them. The eggs hatch after 13-18 days. The chicks leave the nest within 14 days, and can fly after 21 days.

The juvenile (young) Zebra Dove is duller and paler than the adult. It can also have brown feathers. Its beak begins to have a blue colour, and the bare skin around its eyes is also blue.

The adult is 20-23 centimetres (8-9 inches) long, with a wingspan of 24-26 centimetres (9-11 inches). 

Zebra Dove (juvenile)
Zebra Dove (juvenile)

Location of photographs: Battambang, Cambodia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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