See You Later Alligator – what does this phrase mean? 

See You Later Alligator – what does this phrase mean? 

“See You Later Alligator” is a phrase that means a person is saying a temporary goodbye. The people will meet again at a later time.

How does a person respond?

Alligator (left) and Crocodile (right)

Usually, in response to “See You Later Alligator” a person says “In a While Crocodile.”

It is a playful way of departing, especially used amongst family members and friends.

The full saying is:

See You Later Alligator

In a While Crocodile.

American band Bill Haley and His Comets has a hit rock-and-roll song in 1956 called “See You Later, Alligator.” Bill Haley (1925-1981) was the lead singer of the band, who also sang “Rock around the Clock” and “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” Bobby Charles wrote the song lyrics in 1955. Bobby’s real name was Robert Charles Guidry (1938-2010).

American Alligator
Nile Crocodile


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