Billy, boar, buck, and bull – why are they similar? 

Billy, boar, buck, and bull – why are they similar?

Billy, boar, buck, and bull are similar because they are male. They are the male terms used for many animals.

Here are some animals that have a male billy, boar, buck, or bull:-

Billy: a male goat is a billy. Another billy is a male ibex.

Boar: a male pig is a boar. Other boars include the male aardvark, anteater, armadillo, badger, bear, civet, coati, ferret, giant panda, guinea pig, hedgehog, mink, mole, otter, polar bear, porcupine, racoon, red panda, shrew, skunk, and sloth. 

Red Panda

Buck: a male rabbit is a buck. Other bucks include the male antelope, beaver, deer, gerbil, hamster, hare, koala, mouse, rat, squirrel, and weasel.

Bull: a male elephant is a bull. Other bulls include the male alligator, camel, cattle, chamois, crocodile, dolphin, dugong, elk, gazelle, giraffe, gnu, hippopotamus, iguana, impala, manatee, moose, narwhal, okapi, ox, porpoise, rhinoceros, shark, tapir, walrus, and whale. 

Siberian Ibex
Asian Black Bear
Indian Crested Porcupine

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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