Cow facts and fallacies – standing, laying down, walking

Here are some facts and fallacies about the cow – standing, laying down, and walking.  

Standing: A cow sleeps while standing up.

A cow often closes its eyes to rest while standing up, but it sleeps laying down on its side or on its stomach. A cow is a domestic animal, not a wild animal, and it does not need to quickly escape its predators. It dozes several times throughout the day for 7-14 hours, but The Cattle Site says it actually sleeps for only about 3 hours per day, but not all at once. 

Laying down: A cow lies down when rain is coming.

The Dairy Alliance says it is true that a cow will lie down when rain is coming. But, cows lie down a lot – The Dairy Alliance says that cows lie down when it is sunny, or cloudy, or during any other weather condition, so it is not unusual for a cow to lie down when it rains.

Walking: A cow can walk up stairs but not down stairs.

A cow can walk down stairs, but it is difficult, and it prefers not to. A cow does not do walk up and down stairs in its usual life, so walking down stairs is an unfamiliar action for a cow.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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