How loud does a rooster crow?

How loud does a rooster crow?

A rooster is a male fowl.

A rooster makes a crowing sound for about two seconds each time. A rooster crows in the morning, but it can crow throughout the day and sometimes at night. 

It crows as a dominant call to the hen yard to show that he is the leader. It crows to keep the hens in the hen yard safe from danger. It crows as part of a mating ritual, and some farmers say that it crows after a hen has laid an egg.

A study identified that a rooster can crow, on average, as loud as 100 decibels, and within the range of 90-130 decibels. 

As a comparison, a dog’s bark is about 90 decibels. A chain saw noise is about 100 decibels. A jet taking off makes a sound measuring 130 decibels.

A rooster is not affected by the loudness of its crowing. As it opens its mouth wide to crow, its ear canals are automatically covered, which acts like ear plugs. So, the rooster doesn’t sound loud to itself, but people and animals nearby are almost deafened by the noise.   

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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