Where is the wishbone in animals?

Where is the wishbone in animals?

The scientific name for a wishbone is the furcula, which is Latin for ‘little fork.’

The furcula is a forked bone with two slightly curved parts that meet at the top, forming a type of V-shape.  There is a tradition that if two people each pull one side of the bone, it will snap, and the person who gets the larger part can make a wish.

Wishbone (furcula or collarbone)

The wishbone or furcula is also called the collarbone.

The wishbone is found only in birds and some dinosaurs. Birds are the only vertebrate animals (animals with a backbone) that have a fused collarbone.

The wishbone helps the bird to lift its wings during the upstroke as it flaps its wings when flying.

Bird Skeleton with the furcula (in red): furcula.png (2007), Username=Toony

Wishbone photo: The B&B Team (2019), https://bbteam.com

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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