European Bass

The European Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a marine (saltwater) bony fish in the Moronidae family of temperate basses. It is also known as Sea Bass and Mullet.

The European Bass is silvery-grey, sometimes with dark-blue scales on its back. It has a slightly compressed body, a medium-sized head, and prominent jaws. It has teeth and fleshy lips. It has gills to breathe underwater. There are two dorsal (back) fins – the first one has thorny rays. The fins appear yellowish.

European Bass

It grows to about 100 centimetres (39 inches) long. 

It is native to the oceans of the eastern and southern coasts of Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Africa’s northern coasts. 

In summer, it is mainly found in the littoral zone, which is the area near the banks of lagoons and estuaries. In winter, it migrates from the littoral zone to deeper waters. 

It feeds on other fish, prawns, sea snails, and crabs. It also eats aquatic plants. 

The female lays eggs in shallow lagoons. The eggs fall to the bottom of the sea. When they hatch, the young fish, called fry, follow the adults as they return to deeper waters.

Location of photographs: Aquarium de Paris-Cinéaqua

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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