Why aren’t animals always on public display at the zoo?

Why aren’t animals always on public display at the zoo?

There are many reasons why zoologists don’t display an animal in public in the zoo. An animal might be in the zoo grounds, but kept in an area away from the public, such as in the animal nursery for baby and young animals, or in the veterinary department for sick and injured animals.

“The enclosure is being renovated for the well-being of the animals and the comfort of visitors. Thank you for your understanding.”

If an animal pair are mating and breeding, they are often kept away from the public. When the female is pregnant, she might also be kept in a quiet place where the zoo rangers can look after her.

If an animal is aggressive, or sick, or old, it is often kept in an enclosure away from the public. 

If an enclosure is being renovated, an animal might be moved in with another animal or animals or in a holding areas behind the scenes.  

If an animal is new to the zoo, it might be kept separate and away from the public while it is having medical checks, vaccinations, or getting used to its new environment. 

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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