What is an Octopus’s Garden?

The British band, The Beatles, sang about an Octopus’s Garden in 1969. Is an octopus’s garden real?

The song lyrics mention that the octopus’s garden is under the sea, in the shade, in a lttle hideaway near a cave, and near coral. 

It is true that an octopus lives under the sea near coral. It likes to live in marine (saltwater) oceans in shallow lagoons and coral reefs. It is benthic, because it lives on the bottom of the ocean, on the seabed. 

It is true that an octopus likes to live in hideaway caves. The female octopus lays her eggs in a den or cave, where it is dark and protected. It also brings food into its den so that other creatures do not snatch their food.

Does an octopus make a garden? Scientists who observe octopus behaviour have seen them collect shells and coconut husks to build a shelter. But no, they don’t plant sea flowers. 

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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