European Pond Snail

The European Pond Snail (Radix peregra) is an air-breathing, freshwater mollusc in the Lymnaeidae family of pond snails. It is an aquatic pulmonate gastropod. It is an invertebrate because it does not have a backbone. Its shell is its exo-skeleton (outside skeleton).

The European Pond Snail has a brown shell that spirals clockwise. It has four whorls with fine grooves. The last whorl is next to the opening. Its tentacles are short, and the posterior end of its foot is round.

European Pond Snail

It measures about 1 centimetre (less than half an inch) in length. 

It is found in Europe. It prefers slow-moving or still water ponds.

It is usually nocturnal, active mainly at night.

The European Pond Snail feeds on other small invertebrates and decaying plant matter. 

It is hermaphroditic, which means that it is both male and female. It lays about 40-65 eggs, which hatch after 10-28 days. 

European Pond Snail
European Pond Snail

Location of photographs: Paris, France

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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