Digger Wasp

The Digger Wasp (Nysson spinosus) is an insect in the Crabronidae family of digger wasps, sand wasps, and beewolves. It is a crabronid.

The Digger Wasp has a smooth, black, segmented body with greyish-brown wings. It has thin yellow stripes on its body. Its legs, called tarsi, are yellow. Its antennae are long, thick, and black. Its head is black with large compound eyes. The female has a smooth barbless stinger that can repeatedly sting an animal.

Digger Wasp

It measures about 1-2 centimetres (half an inch) in length. 

It is found in Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia.

The Digger Wasp feeds on insects and fruit.

It is a solitary wasp. It is not a social wasp that lives in colonies. 

The female makes a nest in a burrow in sandy soil. She lays an egg in separate branches of the tunnel, and then seals the nest. Several females will lay eggs in the same area. The eggs hatch into larvae (grubs). The larvae pupate and the female wasp emerges. This is called metamorphosis.

Digger Wasp
Digger Wasp

Location of photographs: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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