Mekong Minnow

The Mekong Minnow (Scaphiodonichthys acanthopterus) is a freshwater fish in the Cyprinidae family of carps and minnows. It is a cyprinid ray-finned fish.

The Mekong Minnow is silver with red fins and a darker tail fin. The fins of the male become darker red during the breeding season. Its body is elongated and cylindrical.

Mekong Minnow

It grows to about 22-31 centimetres (9-12 inches) in length. 

It is found in countries in the Mekong river basin in South-East Asian countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. It prefers clear, fast-moving streams and waterways with a rocky bottom and ample shade. It prefers tropical locations.

The Mekong Minnow feeds on algae on rock surface, as well as insect larvae. It is benthic because it lives mainly on the bottom of the stream.

Mekong Minnow
Mekong Minnow

Location of photograph: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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