Mekong Wagtail

The Mekong Wagtail (Motacilla samveasnae) is a bird in the Motacillidae family of white wagtails, pipits, and longclaws. It looks similar to the African Pied Wagtail. 

The Mekong Wagtail is black and white. It has a black forehead with a white throat and neck patch. It has long tail feathers with some black markings. It has black eyes and grey legs. It frequently wags its tail up and down.

Mekong Wagtail

It grows to 16-19 centimetres (6-8 inches) tall. 

It is found in southeast Asia in the Mekong Valley, mainly in Camboida and Laos, but also in Thailand and Vietnam. 

It prefers rocky areas by fast-flowing rivers. 

It is insectivorous, eating insects such as dragonflies and beetles. 

The Mekong Wagtail forms a monogamous pair. The male and female make their cup-shaped nest together. It is made of twigs, grass, and leaves and is usually in a rock crevise near a river bank. 

The female lays 3-8 eggs. Both parents look after the eggs until they hatch after 12-16 days. Both parents feed the chicks. The chicks leave the nest after 12-15 days.

The lifespan of the Mekong Wagtail is 12 years on average.

Mekong Wagtail
Mekong Wagtail
Mekong Wagtail

Location of photographs: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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