Flat Badge Huntsman Spider

The Flat Badge Huntsman Spider (Neosparassus patellatus) is a large arachnid in the Sparassidae family of badge huntsman spiders. Sparassids are eight-eyed spiders.

The Flat Badge Huntsman Spider has a grey, thick, flat body with smooth furry hair. The female is lighter, often orange to pinkish brown. It has a distinctive shield, called a badge, with white spots on its underbelly. Its abdomen, called a carapace, is oval with a square front near its eyes. On its abdomen, it has a series of black dots. It has eight long legs. The first two pairs of legs are longer than the other legs.

Flat Badge Huntsman Spider

It measures about 8 centimetres (3 inches) long.

It is widespread across Australia. It prefers woodlands and eucalypt forests. It mainly prefers dry regions, and does not like the tropics.

It is nocturnal, active at night. It looks for its prey on tree trunks and plants. During the day, it rests under bark, rock crevices, or logs in a dark place.

The Flat Badge Huntsman Spider can be seen at night because their eyes shine in the dark.

It is insectivorous, eating insects. 

Flat Badge Huntsman Spider

Location of photograph: Adelaide, South Australia

Photographer: Alison Powell


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