Australian Wolf Spider

The Australian Wolf Spider (Hoggicosa castanea) is an arachnid in the Lycosidae family of wolf spiders. It is a wandering species of spider.

The Australian Wolf Spider is brown and camouflaged in its srroundings. It has eight eyes arranged in three rows. Two of its eyes are large and prominent. Unlike most spiders, it has excellent eyesight. 

Australian Wolf Spider

It measures about 8 centimetres (3 inches) long.

It is found in the southern states of Australia. It lives underground in a burrow. The burrow is closed with a door, so the entrance (hole) is difficult to see. 

It is found in a wide range of habitats inland and along the coast. It likes woodlands, forests, meadows, and gardens. 

The Australian Wolf Spider is mainly solitary. It hunts alone. It does not spin a web. It is an opportunistic hunter and waits for its prey to come near it, or near its burrow. 

The female carries her eggs in an egg sac. She attaches the egg sace to her spinnerets at the tip of her abdomen. She lifts her abdomen in a raised position so that the egg sac does not drag on the ground. 

When the young, called spiderlings, hatch, they climb onto their mother’s legs and abdomen. She carries the spiderlings for several weeks before they are large enough to look after themselves. No other spider is known to carry its spiderlings on its back for a long period of time.

Location of photograph: Adelaide, South Australia

Photographer: Alison Powell


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