Pig’s Nose

A pig’s nose and a hog’s nose is called a snout.

In fact, a snout is more than just a nose. A snout is the nose, mouth, and jaw of a pig.

A pig’s snout is flat and cylindrical. It has two round holes, called nostrils or nasal passages. It is used to breathe air, to smell things, and to dig into the soil to look for food.

Inside the nasal passages are the two types of turbinate bones – 2 dorsal turbinates which look like golf clubs, and 4 ventral turbinates which look like scrolls of paper. The ventral turbinates warm and filter the air as it passes through the nose. In the middle, between the two turbinate bones, is a nasal septum, which is a diving wall between the cavities (holes).

A piglet (a baby pig) can take 20-40 breaths per minute and an adult pig can take 15-20 breaths per minute.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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