Roesel’s Bush-Cricket

The Roesel’s Bush-Cricket (Metrioptera roeselii) is a medium-sized insect in the Tettigoniid family of crickets. Bush-crickets are commonly called katydids in America, and have previously been called Long-Horned Grasshoppers.

The Roesel’s Bush-Cricket is varied in colour, but usually brown, yellow, or greenish-brown. At the sides of its pronotum are yellow striped margins. It has three yellow-green spots along its yellow abdomen. It has long antennae. It has transparent wings.

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket

It grows to 1-3 centimetres (up to an inch) in length. 

It is found across southern and central Europe, into Scandinavia, and into central Asia. It prefers rough, dry, tall grass. It also prefers humid conditions. 

It eats grass, grass seeds, and small insects. 

The male has a high-pitched song. 

The female lays eggs with her sword-like ovipositor at the end of her abdomen. She uses her ovipositor to cut grass to lay her egg pods inside the grass. The eggs hatch into nymphs, which gradually develop into adult crickets. The adult is usually seen from July to October. 

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket

Location of photographs: Tbilisi, Georgia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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