Jacky Dragon

The Jacky Dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus) is a medium-sized reptile in the Agamidae family of agamid lizards. It is also known as the Tree Dragon, the Stonewalker, or the Blood-Sucker.

The Jacky Dragon has an elongated, rough-scaled, brown to pale-grey body with dark markings along the middle of its back. The dark markings are combined with pale blotches. It has a dark-brown bar between its eyes and its ears. It has five crests on its head. It has a bright yellow lining in its mouth, and orange-red corners of its mouth, with a broad, thick, fleshy tongue. Its hind (back) legs are longer than its front legs. Its feet have five clawed toes.

Jacky Dragon

It measures about 23-44 centimetres (9-17 inches). Its tail is usually twice the size of its body. 

It is native to south-eastern Australia. It prefers dry forests and woodlands. It is semi-arboreal, living part of the time in trees and part of the time on the ground. It runs in an upright position, and often does a lot of head-bobbing when it is resting. It rarely enters the water, but it can swim. 

The Jacky Dragon is diurnal, active during the day. It eats insects, such as flies, moths, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and beetles. 

The Jacky Dragon is oviparous. The female lays about 8 eggs in a burrow or under the bark of a tree. The sex of the baby lizards is temperature-dependant. Females are born in low and and high temperatures and males are born in medium temperatures.

Its average life span is four years. 

Jacky Dragon

[Location of photographs: Canberra, Australia]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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