Lookdown Fish

The Lookdown Fish (Selene vomeror Argyriosus vomer) is a marine (saltwater) game fish in the Carangidae family of carangids. It is similar to the Atlantic Moonfish. 

The Lookdown Fish is a silvery fish with a pinkish tinge along its back. It has a scythe-like dorsal (back) fin and a forked tail fin. Its body is rhombus-shaped and laterally compressed (thin). Its head has a low-set mouth, high forehead, and big eyes. 

Lookdown Fish

It grows to about 48 centimetres (19 inches) long. 

It is native to the western Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to North America to South America.

The Lookdown Fish prefers shallow tropical water near the shoreline.

It is often seen in shoals, smaller groups, or pairs. 

The young fish has several faint vertical bars which fade as it grows. 

Location of photograph: Grant Museum of Zoology, London

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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