Turkestan Rock Gecko

The Turkestan Rock Gecko (Paralaudakia lehmanni or Agama lehmanni) is a medium-sized agamid lizard and a reptile. It is also called the Turkestan Agama or the Asian Rock Gecko.

The Turkestan Rock Gecko is grey with black markings on its back. It has spines or ridges along its body. It has a light underbelly. Its fourth toe on its hind (back) leg is longer than the other toes. 

Turkestan Rock Gecko

It grows to about 85 centimetres (33 inches) long.

It is endemic to Asia. It is native to east Turkmenistan, east Uzbekistan, west Tajikistan, south Kyrgyzstan, and north Afghanistan. It prefers desert regions.

The Turkestan Rock Gecko is carnivorous, eating insects, locusts, beetles, termites, worms, and mice. It lies in wait for prey to walk nearby.

It is oviparous. The female lays 6-15 eggs in a sunny location. The eggs hatch after 42-49 days. 

Turkestan Rock Gecko

[Location of photographs: Dushanbe Zoo, Tajikistan]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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