Blue Masked Lovebird

The Blue Masked Lovebird (Agapornis personata personata var.) is a small bird in the Psittacidae family of lovebird parrots. It is also known as the Blue Lovebird. It is a colour mutation of the Yellow-Collared Lovebird (Agapornis personatus), which is also called the Masked Lovebird. 

The Blue Masked Lovebird has a black head, blue body, and a white collar around its neck. It is white on its upper chest. The color occurs naturally in the wild. It has a wide white eye-ring around its eyes. Its beak is pinkish. 

Blue Masked Lovebird

It grows to about 15 centimetres (6 inches) tall. 

The Blue Masked Lovebird is native to Tanzania in eastern Africa. 

It eats fruit, seeds, and berries. 

It is a social bird and is often seen in pairs.

The Blue Masked Lovebird makes a nest from twigs, bark, feathers, and other materials. The female lays 3-4 eggs, which hatch after 21-23 days. The young leave the nest after about 45 days. 

The Blue Masked Lovebird lives, on average, for 15-20 years.

Blue Masked Lovebird
Blue Masked Lovebird

Location of photographs: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, and Adelaide, South Australia

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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