Underbelly of a Stingray

What does the underbelly of a Stingray look like?

The underbelly of the Spotted Ray (Raja montagui) is white. 

Its mouth, two nostrils, several gill slits, and a basal cartilaginous cage (like a rib cage) can be seen on its underbelly. The nostrils look like eyes, but its eyes are on the top (dorsal) side of its body.

Spotted Ray (male)

The Spotted Ray has two structures that look like legs on its underbelly, but it does not have legs. 

The Spotted Ray has pelvic fins. The pelvic fins are on both sides of its body. It has two first or anterior lobes (that look like legs) below its basal cartilages. It has two rounded second or posterior lobes (that look like small flaps). 

The male Spotted Ray also has two claspers (that look like very small fingers). The claspers are sexual organs at the base of its tail.  

Spotted Ray (male)
Spotted Ray (male)
Spotted Ray (male)
Spotted Ray (male)

[Location of photographs:Aquarium de Paris-Cinéaqua, France]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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