Purple Ground Beetle

The Purple Ground Beetle (Chlaenius purpuricollis) is an insect in the Carabidae family of ground beetles. It is related to the Black Ground Beetle.

The Purple Ground Beetle has a shiny black body with a purple metallic sheen. It has a small rounded head, a small thorax (chest), and an oval, slightly domed abdomen (body). It has wing covers, called eytra. One wing cover is called an elytron. Its antennae are long, black, and ridged. It has a groove on its foreleg with a comb of hairs used for cleaning its antennae. 

Purple Ground Beetle

It grows to about 1.2 centimetres (less than 1 inch) long.

It is native to Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. It prefers habitats under the bark of trees, under logs, or among rocks.

It is mainly nocturnal, active at night.

The Purple Ground Beetle is carnivorous, eating invertebrate insects. It produces noxious secretions from its abdomen as a defense mechanism to deter its predators.

The female lays 45-60 eggs, which hatch after 13-54 days into larvae. Each larva pupates (undergoes metamorphosis) by forming a casing. It emerges after 12-50 days as an adult beetle. 

Purple Ground Beetle

[Location of photographs: Paris, France]

Photographer: Martina Nicolls


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